iPhones and Modern Life. Simpler is still Better.

As many of you know, yours truly dropped his cellphone into the Atlantic ocean recently.  All gone for the foreseeable future.  My initial thoughts & feelings.

  •  The cost of a new iPhone is not declining.  They are not 60 inch TVs!  My new model seems to cost more than an a inflation adjustment added to my last phone.  Good news for owners of Apple stock.
  • Covering your financial risk is easy.  I’ve started to carry a few cards with the phone and leave the wallet at home.  Within 10 minutes of the accident, the credit card and debit card attached to the phone were disabled.  This seems to be the least disruptive piece of the puzzle.  24 hours later and the debit card is replaced – back to normal.
  • The hassle of re-establishing all the connections is a pain.  I have 3 primary email accounts that feed the phone.  3 different ways to get re-attached.  Big commercial services like Gmail and Yahoo are easy.  It is the work email that is much trickier. (As it should be given what we pay our service providers for security.)  In addition, I have been surprised by how little came back automatically.
  • New iPhones work better (faster) than old iPhones.  Going from a 6 to an 8 (cheapest model) does not change the look of things, but the new unit purrs along quite well.
  • The thing that still irks me is my multiple Apple accounts.  I have an account at the App store, an account for iCloud storage, I have an account at iTunes and iTunes Match.  Enough already.  These are all accounts at the same company.  Come on guys, lighten-up with the confusion-is-better approach to your business.

Overall the experience is not as painful as you imagine.  I will continue with the simpler is better wallet approach – that was easy.  Trying to carry the simpler is better mantra is more difficult with Apple.  I am more aware of all the Apple accounts but still hate the confusion.  Let’s Kon Mari Apple services!