The Computer and the Meritocracy.

Be careful what you wish for.

As we passed by the 4th, I have been pondering the sad state of discourse in our union.  I must say I view it as a passing phase – something we’ll grow out of – but I also wonder where it is coming from.  I blame part of the problem on the Computer and the concept of a Meritocracy.  We like to talk the meritocratic talk, but we are having trouble walking the meritocratic walk.

The computer keyboard knows nothing about the finger pushing down on it to make the appropriate electronic contact.  In fact, it need not be a human finger at all.

The computer does not care about your gender, age, race, religion, location, vocation, education level, sexuality, or the color of your skin.  It is the ultimate tool – focused solely on the quality of your input.  What a great equalizer for some.  What a great threat to others.

Progress?  – the ability to rise to the level of your work ethic and talent?  On balance this is a great development for mankind.  Who can argue?

So have a little compassion for those that thrived in a non-meritocratic world.  They are your fellow citizens going through a hard time.  The computer is here to stay, and some are finding it hard to find their place in the new world order.  They will eventually adjust.

Like I said above, be careful what you wish for.