Happy Thanksgiving! Guess who passed the CFP ® Exam?

Happy Thanksgiving!! Short post this week given all that is going on.

I’ve been quiet the past couple of weeks as I went into final prep mode for the CFP ® exam. I already have the CFA designation, so many will ask……that must have been easy, right? No, mostly different material with a different emphasis.  I’ll get into that in another post, but for now, thankful that we passed!

Also time to sit back and be thankful for all that has gone right in life. I often think we spend too much time focusing on the negatives.  If you only look at the evening news, you can easily become depressed.

So back away from the TV (unless it is football or basketball) and take a few moments to appreciate life’s little gifts.  Our time is short, enjoy the ride, and be sure to take time to smell the roses!!