The Ying and Yang of Exposure.

Let’s be specific here, I am talking about social media exposure and not exposure to risk factors (for which you get a financial reward) nor am I talking about Anthony Weiner type exposure (for which you get prosecuted).  No, I am talking about getting involved in digital marketing on the world wide web.  Electronic exposure.

The irony is, the business of delivering financial advice is very, very personal.  Yes, you do need to be sure you find a qualified advisor.  Yes, you need to vet their CV and experience (see – Details Do Matter!)  And finally…..yes, you need to be sure they operate under a fiduciary standard of care.  However, this “listing” or “sorting” is not very personal at all.  It is very much the opposite of personal.  It is cold, hard, fact-finding and sorting.

So, how much exposure do you need if you want to modestly grow your business?  Some business models state that it is all about personal relationships – no mass exposure needed.  But as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, there is going to be some cold hard sorting going on.  Prospects will not find you if you are not in the game.

Hence the title….”The Ying and Yang of Exposure”.  Some of it is clearly desirable, but it is not the be all and end all of the selection process.  Hopefully one’s exposure attracts a few new clients and does not alienate those you currently serve.  A bit of a balancing act….