Details do matter.

As I am setting up this blog and developing (or at least trying to) a web presence, I am amazed by how similar many financial advisors and financial planners appear.  However, all are not as equal as they look at first blush.

It does matter where someone went to school.  It does matter what degree they attained.  Do you think Goldman Sachs says……”Please send me a “random” sampling of the CVs that have come in for the new job opening?”……..  They did not get to the top of the heap by hiring mediocre talent.  They hire the best talent they can find and train it well.

You should want the same with regards to who is handling your financial matters.  Yes… you an individual want an advanced degree, yes,…. you want them to have industry leading credentials like a CFA® or CFP®.  But you also want the “best” talent you can find.  Do not settle.  Dig into backgrounds, training, experience.  Its your money, and details do matter.